100% USA Origin Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: EF1RL-F2-1-0-0-06BL
Endurance® Series; Temperature Range: 500-1100°C/932-2012°F (20:1) ; Focus Distance: Standard Focus Optics focused at infinity
Sighting: Laser Sighting ; Electronics Box: M16 Connection
Communications: Ethernet network communications interface with installed M12 fieldbus connector and built-in HTTP-Server server (Gives you ASCII, Ethernet, video, webserver
Fiber-Optic Cable: 6 meter (20 ft.) long fiber cable
100% UK Origin E2S Vietnam Model: BExS110DFAC230AB1A1R
Explosion Proof Alarm Horn Sounder
100% USA Origin REXA Vietnam Part No.: R2381-K99083-X2-1/2D240
0.5 D Driver ; Software included
(replaced for model SMB9215-1E-1-6669 was obsoleted)
100% USA Origin REXA Vietnam Part No.: R2381-K07983
6" Potnetiometer
100% Germany Origin Helios Ventilatoren Vietnam Small-room ventilator
Ref. 05949: MBD 400/2/2 TK
100% Germany Origin WERMA Vietnam Code: 738.100.68
Ex Double Flash Beacon 230VAC RD
100% Germany Origin ASCO Vietnam Code: 88100917
Supply rail with isolation valves 1/4'
100% Sweden Origin Leine & Linde Vietnam Code: 750724-11
Encoder 861108556-5000 CG (/)16hs 9-30Vdc HCHTL
100% USA Origin OMEGA Vietnam Model: DPG8001-100
100% Germany Origin Parker Vietnam Replaced by: D41FCB32BC2VS70
(D41FHB32B2VS0048) Van tỉ lệ Note: recheck code khi order
100% USA Origin Det-Tronics Vietnam Replaced by: 30-0013
(30-3003) Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector
Includes 0-20 mA output, LED and Alarm, Auxiliary and Fault relays. Aluminum Junction Box. IP44. FM (Class 1 Div 1 & 2) and IECEx approved
100% USA Origin MTS Sensor Vietnam Model: GHM0050MR021A1
Position sensor ; Stroke length: 50 mm
100% USA Origin MTS Sensor Vietnam Model: GHM0500MR021A0
Position sensor ; Stroke length: 500 mm
100% Germany Origin Proxitron Vietnam Art No.: 6134M
Type: OSA 6747.18 G
Piros Infrared-Sensor; view angle 67° (fibre optic cable), t=450-750°C adjustable, 24VDC, PNP- NO + NC, short circuit protected, stainless steel housing with fibre optic cable connection; 2 m POKT therm cable
100% Germany Origin Proxitron Vietnam Art. No.: 6436I
Type: LLK 4
fiber optic cable for optical sensors, stainless steel design, ambient temperature up to +290 °C, length 4 m
100% Germany Origin Proxitron Vietnam Art. No.: 6037A
Type: OAC 704
Optic with fiber optic cable connection
view angle 7° ; stainless steel housing Ø 25 mm