100% Germany Origin Ziehl-Abegg Vietnam Part No.: 210800
Type: QK10A-4EM.78.CH
Crossflow fan with perforated guide vane and Single phase  motor
1~ 230V ±10% 50Hz P1 0,13kW; 0,60A 1280rpm  4UF/400V
1~ 230V ±10% 60Hz P1 0,18kW; 0,82A 1350rpm  4UF/400V
Capacitor fixed; IP10 Thermal class 130; Prewired to a terminal strip,capacitor fitted and connected; Rating plate: 1x fixed
Fitting position H; motor bearing standard lubrication
counter bearing low-temperature lubrication; Without 180 angle air flow. (Standard); Material impeller aluminium
Motor mounting side A (clock wise rotation)
100% Germany Origin Schmersal Vietnam Code: 101165310
BN 20-11RZ
100% Germany Origin WITTENSTEIN Vietnam Model: LP090S-MF2-50-1G1-3S
Gear Head
100% UK Origin E2S Vietnam Model: BExCS11005DPFDC024AB1A1R/R
Explosion Proof Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe
100% Italy Origin ENERDOOR Vietnam Model: FIN538S1HHV.2000.B
RFI Filter
100% UK Origin CROWCON Vietnam Spare Sensor VQ321T/1 Pellistor
0-100% LEL methane plus general flammable gases. Supplied
with bonded sensor retainer and Viton o-ring. 
Part No: S011954
100% Japan Origin AZBIL Vietnam Model: L404F208
Pressure Switch
100% Japan Origin TAKEX Vietnam Model: US-1AH
Ultrasonic Sensor
100% Japan Origin TDK-Lambda Vietnam Model: HWS300-12/PV
Power Supply
100% Korea Origin Intech FA Vietnam Model: IT750DBU-4H
Brake Unit (400V 75KW)
100% UK Origin E2S Vietnam Model: BExCS11005DPFDC024AB1A1R/Y
Explosion Proof Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe
100% UK Origin SHAW Vietnam Model: SU4-Me-8
Simple sample system on backplate, Max inlet pressure 200 Bar Including: Pressure Regulator, Flow Meter and Sensor Holder. 1/8" fittings
100% Japan Origin Panasonic Vietnam Model: MSME012G1A
Motor MINAS A5 series, 100W, low inertia, 0.32Nm, 3000rpm, 200V class, round shaft